Chrisette Michele Sponsorship Deck (Case Study)

chrisette michele audrey hepburn project post
Client: McQueen Media | Chrisette Michele The Audrey Hepburn Project (Case Study)
Services: Graphic Design, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Branding
Disciplines: Photoshop, InDesign, Excel
Project: Partnered with McQueen Media to create a Sponsorship Deck for Grammy Award Winning music artist Chrisette Michele. In this case study we created sponsorship opportunities for the music release of “The Audrey Hepburn Project“. We were able to partner with Google Play to exclusively distribute the music content and visuals.  We strategically created tier level sponsorship for brands across various channels of such as; Beauty, Clothing, Food, Beverage, Automotive, etc.   We created a Project Analysis for Google Play including a set timeline as well as prepared a “Master Brand Contact List” with leads to secure investment.